Well where do I begin, the day job has no bearing on this hidden passion for wood that I have recently discovered and one that my old wood work teacher would not have anticipated !

My name is Alan and I am one half of Wood and Wool and for myself it all starts with the tree. Whatever species the difference in character in each tree is the real start of the journey and it's always exciting when you finally cut it open to reveal the hidden beauty which you will be the first to see.  Regardless of how long the tree has been down it takes either years to air dry which never gets it dry enough to use indoors or weeks in my kiln.  After that I can start to imagine the many possibilities to make something unique, be it a table, bench, lamp or maybe a mirror, the options are endless.

My idea of a true wooden item is to try to leave as much of the unique character of each, tree knots, shakes in the wood, even the unusual patterns made by fungi all contribute to the something very special.

Wood & Wool

To compliment the natural beauty of the wood I like to combine other materials such as glass, steel, stone and of course wool into my designs.  I hope you enjoy what we make and look forward to seeing you at our studio



I am Julie and I am the other half of Wood and Wool. I have found life is a journey and after completing my course in textiles and graphic design at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen my path went in a different direction and away from my creative side.  Back on track I am now ready to explore the world I love to be part of which is full of colour, texture and shape. 


During the next year I hope to rekindle my friendship with various mediums, my main love with yarn and fabric but also with paint and clay.


It has been some time since I have had the opportunity to be creative.  Which way will I go ?.  This is an unknown path which I am sure will change direction as I go. With my love for colour, texture and fabric it is my aim to explore different techniques using these elements. Quilting, one of many age old crafts, I will explore and combine old and new techniques which I hope will be a fascinating mix of inspiration, creativity and with an element of trial and error will create a beautiful and unique piece of home furnishing. 


Ceramics, I will be exploring with shapes and colour along with incorporating my husband’s love of wood to make some wonderful pieces.